About me

My Commitment

For many years my husband has suffered with food intolerance, he is lucky (or so we thought), to have private medical care, after many years of tests and intrusion he was still no wiser on what caused his discomfort.  Fast forward anther 15 or so years and our young daughter has suffered too.  No more, I have extensively researched alternative therapies in the hopes of giving both my husband and daughter a better quality of life.

I decided to train as an Intolerance Therapist so that I could help others to overcome their battles with food sensitivities.

With the help of the machine I aim to find the cause of your symptoms and then advise you on eliminating them from your diet for a period of time. I can suggest substitutes and prescribe any vitamin & mineral supplements you may need. I can then guide you on re-introducing the foods back into your diet or eliminating them forever.


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